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Welcome to my Website, the home of Unique Tanks and Unique Drip tips.

Drip Tips:

A new range of drip tips, made from polyester or acrylic and food grade aluminum. They are all turned by hand so each one is unique and you will have the only one. The drip tips are finished down to 12000 grit and look wonderful but more importantly, they feel lovely. The bore is only 2.5 mm. I feel this makes the juice taste better. So "drip tip" is not quite right name, as the bore is a bit small for dripping through. The base of the connection has been recessed so that tanks with high center posts will not short out on the drip tip base.

 Big bore Drip Tips:

 A new batch has been made and are ready for you. 20mm high (not including the connection) with an 8mm bore through the acrylic and 4.25mm through the connection. I am holding the same price as my standard bore ones at £14 each with £2.50 for P&P for the UK.

To see how I make the Drip Tips click the link Drip tips the Video 

Drip tip not fitting your tank? look HERE to find out why and how to fix it

The Drip Tips are £14.00 each and £2.50 P&P for the UK. This is signed for first class postage. See the notes below on postage and ordering information

R.O.W. I will ship at cost, America is £8 ($12 Dollars) and Europe an extra £8 (10 Euros) This is tracked and signed for on international orders. Sorry but this is what it costs me to post out.


It is the same postage for 1 or 10 Drip tips so it makes sense to order a few at the same time especially on international orders, so get together with a few friends and save on the postage.

How to buy Unique Products:

So what if you want one? That's another easy question. Look at the product lists for drip tips and tanks to make your selection. Then you can phone me on 01768 899895 during working hours, or you can email richard@woodworkshop.co.uk or richard@juicetrap.co.uk I can take PayPal payments or credit/debit cards over the phone or you can send a cheque along with your details . For details get in touch and I will try to get it posted that day then your new Drip Tips will be on there way to you.

Or if you are in Cumbria, come to the workshop and pick your own drip tip. (The workshop is 30 seconds from Junction 40 on the M6) Click here for directions

As things progress I will have online ordering facilities but for now we will do it the old-fashioned way.


An exciting product, I have lots of colors available, have a look at the Tanks page and chose the one you want. This is the tank you will get as they are Unique, turned by hand to give you the only one. The standard size tanks come fitted with a Borosilicate glass tube and you now have the option to own a hand decorated tube for your special tank.

"Unique Tanks" are £35.00 each for the standard size P&P for the UK is £1 R.O.W. I will ship at cost, America and extra £6 ($12 Dollars) and Europe an extra £8 (10 Euros) This is tracked and signed for on international orders.

Decorated tubes:

Yet something else to consider:- our decorated tubes will add even more individuality to your tank.

These tubes are £15 each or a complete decorated tank is £45 with P&P at cost.

Happy Vaping

News .

If you have 25 mins to waste click here to see me making some of the new drip tip collection

Decorated tubes by Sue are here and how stylish they look on our tanks

Vapefest 2015, Having exhibited at the last 4 vapefest, we had a great time this year 2015 and almost sold out of our drip tips. Looking forward to next year. Hats off to the committee very nicely done guys well organized and great fun.

If you have looked at this website and haven't a clue what I am talking about and would like to know more about an alternative way to enjoy nicotine click here and Spike will tell you all about e-cigs. and there are lots of videos on You Tube about vaping. Also this is a very good forum where a lot of information can be found.

All of the gain and none of the pain when you vape

Have fun


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